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It is unquestionable that golf is a game of the mind. MetaBrain Golf helps you isolate and crush negative mindsets in every aspect of your game, tee to green and everything in between, to achieve dramatically lower scores.

Daniel Guest
President, MetaBrain Golf

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Master your Mental Game

The greats in golf have one thing they share – the ability to maintain focus and shut out from consciousness any negative thought and even pull positive thought automatically that matches their intention.

This is the differentiator that then allows the brain to do its thing – calculate speed, force, slope, wind, rain, direction, the chosen club, and any other variable automatically, without interruption but with mental reinforcement, “I got this.”

Now that we know what the differentiator is we can replicate this process using neuroscience and therapy to discover and replace any “emotional” noise to, like the greats, to enable any golfer to play at their full potential, utilizing their “built-in” mental-computational mind!


How it Works

Neuroscience informs us that our unconscious mind is protective and executes automated self-defensive responses if threatened. In golf, the threat may be pressure to perform well or fear of putting long. Each one of these thoughts becomes an interruption to muscle memory. In other words, this "emotional" noise is directly affecting the golfer's ability to deliver their training and practice, on point. Mindset shifting discovery targets this emotional noise and identifies why it comes to consciousness, reversing it. These reframed thoughts, "I'm afraid of putting long," turned into, "I putt right to the hole and it drops in," changes the game permanently.


The MetaBrain Chatbot guides a golfer through a session to identify the emotional triggers that affect their golf game. The Chatbot analyzes the golfer's brain waves to determine what mindset is interrupting what part of their game.


After discovery, a set of reprogramming statements removes the old mindset and replaces it with a self-selected mindset. The golfer repeats these statements in a relaxed state 2x a day for 2 weeks, removing the "emotional" noise.


The new mindset may or may not make itself known consciously. Many have experienced the sense that, "The thoughts just aren't there anymore." This allows the execution of muscle memory guided cognitively without interruption.

Golf Mindset Shifting Pricing

Two Models: 1) Coached and 2) DIY - We'll train you how to use the product and you run with it.

Drop-in, As Needed
$200/ session
  • 1-hour, in-Person Session
  • Book an Appointment on the Fly
  • Includes App Program Assignment
  • EEG Headset Available at Each Session
DIY & Mindset Coaching Session
  • 1-hour Zoom Session - $150
  • 1-year Golf Program Subscription - $228
  • 1 -EEG-Headset $299
  • Golf Mindset Training Manual (no cost)
Complete Eradication
  • 10, 1-hour In-person Sessions - $150 ea.
  • Golf Mindset Package $47
  • 1-year Golf Program Subscription - $348
  • EEG Headset Available at Each Session
Ready to erase "emotional" noise from your golf game?

Amazing Experiences

We appreciate all the positive feedback!

It is a very unique approach to the mental side of the game.  Something that amateur golfers do not have access to.  Potential game changer.  Excited to see other programs to go beyond putting to the whole game.


Amateur Golfer

“I’ve given over 33K lessons in my career and I can assure you, while you may have a great swing, if you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll never reach your potential. Meta-Brain Golf is truly a game changer!”

Daniel Guest

Golf Coach

To play your best golf you need to work on your mental state and thought process just as much as your physical movements. Delete the negative to enhance the positive. 


Golf Coach