Golf Mindset Shifting

Mindset Shifting

Mindset Coaches at the Ready.

3 Options to Choose From

One at a Time, Planned Sessions, or Group Training to Become Self-sufficient.

Drop-in, As Needed

Just make an appointment and tackle the emotional noise pushing to your conscious mind.

Steady Program of Eradication

Regular private appointment every two weeks to tackle all intruding thoughts across the course while you play.

Group Zoom Training Clinic

These clinics teach golfers how to listen for and eliminate "emotional" noise that comes to mind during game play.


Do It Yourself?

We offer two paths and coaching is for many golfers that don’t have the time or interest in self-assessment to change their mindsets.  If so, the coached approach to tackling mindset issues is for you.

If you are a Maverick and love to strike out on your own to tackle anything then this DIY model is for you.  You will learn how in the clinic and then use your headset and App to tackle your mindsets at your own pace.

Golf Mindset Makeover Pricing

Two Models: 1) Coached and 2) DIY - We'll train you how to use the product and you run with it.

One-off, As Needed
$500/ session
  • 1-hour
  • Book an Appointment on the Fly
  • Pay as You Go Programs ($29 each)
  • EEG Headset Available at Each Session
Complete Eradication
  • 1-hour Session
  • Pre-purchase 10 Sessions
  • Personalized Mental Program Assignment
  • App Subscription Additional $79 /Month
  • EEG Headset Available at Each Session
DIY & Coach Clinic
  • 2-hour Zoom Session
  • Golf Mental Makeover Training Package
  • 1-year Subscription to Golf Programs
  • 1 -EEG-Headset Included

Book Private Drop-in Session

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Amazing Experiences

We appreciate all the positive feedback!

It is a very unique approach to the mental side of the game.  Something that amateur golfers do not have access to.  Potential game changer.  Excited to see other programs to go beyond putting to the whole game.


Amateur Golfer

“I’ve given over 33K lessons in my career and I can assure you, while you may have a great swing, if you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll never reach your potential. Meta-Brain Golf is truly a game changer!”

Daniel Guest

Golf Coach

To play your best golf you need to work on your mental state and thought process just as much as your physical movements. Delete the negative to enhance the positive. 


Golf Coach






Doylestown, PA

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