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Add Golf Mindset Shifting to your Lineup!!

Looking for a Differentiator as a Golf Coach?

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As a golf coach you enjoy teaching, training, and inspiring golfers to reach for their best performance and to continue to learn and improve. Until now, your focus is on technique and equipment. Differentiate your coaching and add mindset shifting by learning how the mind either empowers or impedes the game and be supported by trainers and tech to deliver top-notch mindset coaching. Read below to see if this is for you and your clients. Certainly, if you train with us we will be referring clients to you locally for hands-on sessions.

Do You Hear the Fear?

With Clients
Do you find yourself hearing the self-limiting beliefs of your clients? If so, you can now offer an intervention to change any mindset during any part of their game that hinders their score.

Do You Hear Your Own Limitations?

Do you want to excel as a golf coach? Afterall you can't really teach what you don't live yourself. Learn and then teach mindset shifting with us and for your own clients.

Ready to Shift Mindsets?

Raise The Bar
As a golf coach, I'm sure you like to challenge yourself. Join a Golf Mindset Shifting Clinic and decide for yourself if this is for you, for us, and for our mutual clients.


Golf Coaches

If you believe that the mental side of the game can be improved, get certified to lead clinics and support golfers individually as they tackle the mindsets that impede their performance.

Get Certified

Attend the 2-hour clinic and study the material. Practice the method. Pass an exam and then start teaching golfers how to change any mindset impeding their game. You will also need to purchase an EEG headset (or 2) to conduct private sessions with clients on the personalized track.

Share the Wealth

Coaches can earn and learn, sharing mindset makeovers for Meta-Brain Golf and its clients as well as with their own. This neurotech process literally changes the game of golf.






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