1-hour Private Drop-in Mindset Shifting Session


Elevate your game with a focused 1-hour private session targeting a specific mindset hurdle:

  • Struggling with a particular aspect of your game that’s clearly a mental challenge?
  • Your coach will help identify the specific thought pattern causing the issue.
  • A customized program will be provided to tackle this challenge head-on.
  • You’ll receive expert guidance through each step of the process.
  • Homework assignments will be assigned for you to complete over a 2-week period.

Upon your purchase, our team will contact you to schedule your mindset-shifting coaching session. Your path to peak performance begins now.


In the realm of golf, our actions are deeply influenced by automatic, ingrained responses known as mindsets. These mindsets are stored in our unconscious mind and serve as quick, ready-to-use instructions. They can be as basic as “run,” “fight,” “flight,” or “freeze,” designed for rapid reactions in times of safety or danger. Similar patterns dictate how we react to various situations on the golf course, whether they are perceived as challenging or benign.

At the core of MetaBrain’s solution lies the transformation of these mindsets to reshape our automatic responses. This transformation process is where the MetaBrain Chatbot takes center stage. It is meticulously crafted to uncover the foundational mindset behind undesired thoughts, emotions, or behaviors and guide the transition to a personally selected one. Our method involves the use of a lie-detection wearable, which validates the connection between a specific thought, feeling, or behavior and the underlying mindset.

Let’s illustrate this process with an example: shifting from the old mindset of “I worry all the time” to the new mindset of “I worry very little.” Even a subtle shift like this, driven by a deep understanding of the underlying reasons, can yield profound results. These reasons often trace back to past experiences, such as observing a family member’s chronic worry or receiving cautionary messages like “Stay vigilant; something bad might happen.” These influences can lead to persistent worry, consuming valuable time and energy. However, by making a slight adjustment in mindset, this behavior can be effectively curbed.

This is the essence of what MetaBrain strives for in the world of golf – empowering individuals to purposefully modify their mindsets to align with their desired outcomes. It’s about transcending inherited limitations, no matter where they originated, and unlocking your full potential on the golf course.


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