1-hour Private Mindset Coaching Sessions (10)


Unlock the full potential of your game with our package of ten 1-hour private sessions, designed to comprehensively address every facet of your play:

  • Book sessions at your own pace, focusing on areas you’re eager to improve.
  • Take your time to pinpoint the specific areas you want to work on before scheduling your sessions.
  • Collaborate with your coach to establish a tailored mindset-shifting program.
  • Debrief after each meet-up, ensuring you make the most of every session.
  • Continue until you’ve overcome all your mental roadblocks.
  • Feel free to add extra sessions at the same rate if you require further assistance.

Upon your purchase, our team will reach out to you to arrange your mindset-shifting coaching lessons. Your journey to peak performance starts here.


This clinic will teach you the background and use of the Meta-Brain Chatbot to guide the discovery of mindsets that impede your game.

Included in this package is training and education in the product use, 10-sessions to personalize your mindset shifting, and a 1-year subscripton to access all golf mindset shifting programs, including custom program creation to meet your specific needs.


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